HomeGauge Extra Care Service

Provide more value to your buyers and agents!

As an inspector, you expertly collect the information insurance carriers need — why not use that to help your home buyers? By joining the Extra Care program, you can connect your buyers with a personalized insurance quote — with no additional effort. Best of all, you'll get your HomeGauge Services at no cost.

Hear what our Extra Care Special Ops members have to say

Offering Extra Care means less work for me, less work for the home buyer, and less stress for the agents.

Dennis Kruger
Southern Wisconsin Home Inspections, LLC

Extra Care helps everyone: my clients get an insurance quote, the agent saves time, and I reduce my expenses.

William Frost
Evergreen Property Inspectors

Buyers love Extra Care. Agents do, too.

After the inspection, the next step is for your buyers to get homeowners insurance. Many of them find it difficult to understand the information requested, and will turn to you with insurance-related questions, taking up your valuable time. By helping home buyers ease the transition from inspection to insurance coverage, you can save them time and confusion.

Real estate agents love Extra Care because they can offer an additional service to their clients, with no work on their part.

Build your business — at no cost to you.

Giving home buyers and agents more value is a great marketing tool for your business. You can also expand your network by establishing relationships with local insurance agents, who can be a great source of leads.

The best part? Inspectors that participate in this program are eligible to get their HomeGauge Subscription at $29/month (normally $59/month) or HomeGauge Services at no charge (normally $30/month).

How does it work?

1. Sign up.
The first step is for you — or the inspection company owner — to opt into the Extra Care program. Your HomeGauge Services fee will be eliminated starting with your next billing statement. (A $30 monthly savings per inspector!)

2. Spread the word.
Pick up an Extra Care "Special Ops" t-shirt when you see us in person at a home inspection conference so you can proudly display your status as part of the program. We'll also send you PDF brochures to print and give to your buyers to explain the program at the inspection.

3. Your buyers can choose to opt in.
When your customers log into their dashboard to retrieve the report, they'll also have the opportunity to request a homeowners insurance quote. If they choose to opt in, the HomeGauge Extra Care Team will contact them to verify that they want their information sent to an insurance agent.

4. They'll get a personalized quote.
If your buyer has chosen to get a quote, they will get a call or email from an insurance agent in their area. Because they've opted in, the agent will already have the information from the home inspection to give them a personalized, competitive quote.

Your customers' privacy is our priority.

Only a licensed American Family Insurance agent or trusted affiliate (depending on your state) will have access to your buyers' information. They are specially trained by HomeGauge staff and have a strict agreement with us to never use their information for anything other than insurance purposes.


Please take a moment to read through our FAQ — we hope that most of your questions will be answered. If you have questions that are not covered, please email us at extracare@homegauge.com or call (828) 254-2030 x4. We'd love to hear your feedback!