HomeGauge Partner Promise

HomeGauge works with many partners to deliver solutions to our Inspectors and their Homebuyers. Such partnerships allow us to expand the services we can offer our Inspectors and solve real problems that Homebuyers find frustrating.

We believe the industry should follow high data protection standards and have developed a set of recommended best practices for others.

In circumstances where a Homebuyer’s contact information is given to a partner for that partner to call them about any additional services, the homebuyer MUST HAVE GIVEN EXPLICIT CONSENT to do so.

  • Partners should act in good faith, share our commitment to do right by the Homebuyer, and always strive to bring real value to them.
  • Partners should not make claims to the Homebuyer that they represent the Inspector unless approved by the inspector.
  • Partners should not falsely lead the Homebuyer into consenting to communication for one stated purpose (i.e., a home moving concierge) but use that consent to do something different (i.e., sell security systems).
  • All Partner communications, including emails, postal mail, SMS, and phone calls, should comply with all relevant laws. Such communications should be clear in their purpose.
  • Partners should provide ways for Homebuyers to opt out of their communications following local laws.

This document is not an interpretation of any legal documents, including our official privacy policy.

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