Working with Home Buyers to Continuously Improve Our Dashboard Experience

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Today, when you upload a report to HomeGauge, your Home Buyer can view that report by logging in to what we call the Home Buyer Dashboard. As with any part of HomeGauge One, we always listen to you and your Home Buyers for ways to improve the experience. This may also include the experience of Home Buyers when choosing if they would like to receive a homeowner’s insurance quote.

During 2021, several inspectors requested that we simplify the process stage where the Home Buyer gets to choose if they would like to receive an insurance quote. We have been split-testing several different options throughout the year, and those changes have resulted in much positive feedback. The new experience is much more straightforward than before, ensuring any Home Buyer who does not want a quote can continue to their report, understanding that they will not be contacted.

As always, a Home Buyer MUST EXPLICITLY OPT-IN for us to pass their details to American Family Insurance or other suitable insurance companies. This program has resulted in excellent feedback from Home Buyers, which in turn helps to make those inspectors look significant to their customers and their agents.

Home Buyer quotes from a recent satisfaction survey:

“It was helpful for comparison purposes.”

“I loved my experience and have already recommended it to people I work with.”

“It’s good for a first-time home buyer who’s never bought a home and for someone to guide them through every step after closing.”


We have more updates in the works for Q1, tackling several requests from HomeGauge Inspectors, including clarifying that the insurance quote is being offered from HomeGauge and not the Inspector directly. We also plan to add a dedicated support phone number for Home Buyers having difficulty accessing their report.

If you would like to provide feedback on this or any other part of HomeGauge ONE, please get in touch with

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