HomeGauge Advisory Council 2022 Q2 Recap

Advisory Council Meeting

The HomeGauge Advisory Council is a professional discussion group that serves as a channel for open and honest conversations that we value having with our Inspectors. This group comprises members of the HomeGauge Inspector community, and to ensure that the group accurately represents the diversity of the Inspector community, many factors such as company size, location, and role within the industry were considered.

HomeGauge was founded by a Home Inspector over 20 years ago, and we continue to rely on our Inspectors to help us improve our products, programs, and services. Led by the HomeGauge Community Team, the Advisory Council came together on June 28, 2022, to discuss trends within the Inspector industry, new ways HomeGauge can further support Inspectors, and the impact of future updates to our products.

This quarter, the Advisory Council meeting focused on discussions with the HomeGauge Product, Web Services, Marketing, and Leadership Teams. These discussions provided invaluable insight into how HomeGauge can continue to serve our Inspectors and help them grow their businesses in ways that make sense for them. The topics during the meeting included potential features we could offer our Inspectors in the future, how the Inspectors’ Websites & SEO Packages are positively impacting their businesses, and new methods of educating Homeowners about things they may need to know so they can create more value for their customers outside of the inspection.

Meeting attendees were eager to share feedback and insight which made for great conversation and learnings for all. Council members used their professional experience to offer valuable advice and insight, which left our teams at HomeGauge inspired to create new ways to empower our Inspectors. We feel this was the best Advisory Council meeting to date!

We cannot thank our Council members enough for their time and insight, and we look forward to continuing these conversations.

The HomeGauge Advisory Council meets every quarter and will be continuing the discussion via a dedicated Forum for this group.

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