New Upgrade to your HomeGauge ONE Subscription: HomeGauge Payments

Upgrade to HomeGauge Payments

HomeGauge Payments is a new tool that has been released within the HomeGauge Inspector Dashboard and was created because every Inspector needs a way to get paid for their services. We’ve listened to your payment processing needs to help provide you with a new payment platform that makes getting paid by your customers more secure and convenient.

Why HomeGauge Payments?

HomeGauge Payments is just one of the multiple tools that are available within the HomeGauge ONE business suite, allowing Inspectors to keep all their business needs under one roof. Our new feature is quick and easy to sign up for — many Inspectors are signed up and ready to take payments in under 20 minutes — and has also helped some Inspectors save over $100/month when they switch from another payment solution! Signing up for HomeGauge Payments can also get you these great benefits:

  • Credit card security
  • No monthly gateway costs
  • Charges only for what you use
  • VERY competitive rates
  • Full integration to the HomeGauge dashboard (you can lock your reports until payment is received!)
  • Improved simplicity and ease of use for both you and your customers
  • If you already use HomeGauge, there’s no extra cost to use our payment solution

How to sign up for HomeGauge Payments

To sign up for HomeGauge Payments, check out this article or watch this tutorial.

For more information and to sign up to start receiving payments in as little as 24 hours, check out HomeGauge Payments or contact our friendly Support Team during business hours via live chat in the Support Center or by calling (828) 254-2030, option 1.

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