HomeGauge Software Updates July 2022

Product Update

HomeGauge Web Writer Software Updates

The HomeGauge Web Writer is a cloud-based home inspection software that was released in January 2021 with the goal of helping our Inspectors evolve with the fast, modern way of conducting business. We’ve created multiple channels to listen to our Inspectors about what they need to succeed and continuously set goals that help us deliver the best product and service for their businesses. Our latest Web Writer software updates include the most convenient way in the industry to create an inspection report — Photo First Inspecting ™, with the ability to assign locations to each item.


Photo First Inspecting ™

  • Photo First inspecting ™ is exclusive to the HomeGauge ONE Web Writer.
  • Available on phones, tablets, and offline.
  • Take a photo, annotate, assign comments or concerns, and move on to the next item, all from a single device.
  • You can add multiple images to a concern in a single step.


  • Simplifies the process of generating a report.
  • Create reports with fewer clicks and less typing.
  • No need to switch devices to manage photos and annotations.

To see how Photo First Inspecting works, watch this video by clicking this link.


Assigning Locations

  • Assign locations to items — Distinguish appliances in a laundry room vs basement by assigning locations to your items.
  • Assign locations to items — You can now assign multiple locations to any item in your inspection. Locations show up in the inspection report for users next to each item.


  • A plumbing or electrical system spans multiple rooms but may have location-specific issues. Web Writer allows you to identify issues and isolate them to specific locations or rooms in a clear, easy format that your customers will understand.
  • Are smoke alarms in the basement faulty? Assign locations to specific smoke alarms to isolate issues to specific areas of a property.
  • Locations are listed in the final report next to concerns as small, clear labels.

Watch this video to see this feature in action.

HomeGauge Desktop Software Updates

The HomeGauge Desktop Writer is our legacy offering that is built with over 20 years of experience and is focused on detailed inspection report customization. We’ve recently hired a new engineer who can help us make updates and keep up with the needs of our Inspectors using that legacy platform. Here is a quick note on a smaller, recent update, with more to come in the near future!

HomeGauge Desktop 5.5

  • HomeGauge Desktop 5.5 introduces a variety of fixes and improvements to the user experience. To download the latest version, click Help > Check For Updates. Alternatively, you can download the new version from your inspector dashboard by clicking Install HG 5 from the left-hand navigation menu.

To watch an overview of the changes, watch this video by clicking this link.

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