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Our Inspectors deserve clarity and transparency regarding changes impacting their businesses, and we’d like to ensure we’re doing everything we can to provide that. We’ve listened to your questions and compiled a comprehensive list of answers to your FAQs to help you feel more comfortable moving forward with our new payment solution, HomeGauge Payments. We assure you we’re working hard to ensure this is a beneficial option for you.

HomeGauge Payments FAQs

Why will HomeGauge no longer be supporting its integration with Authorize.net?

One of the main reasons HomeGauge is migrating its Inspectors to HomeGauge Payments is enhanced security for payment card data. Under the new setup, card data is entered directly into our technology partner’s systems rather than ours. Our technology partner is Level 1 PCI compliant. This also significantly reduces the cost and complexity of HomeGauge maintaining its own PCI compliance. It will allow us to focus more of our time and effort on enhancing our core products.

Being PCI compliant means that any company or organization that accepts, transmits, or stores the private data of cardholders is compliant with the various security measures outlined by the PCI Security Standard Council to ensure that the data is kept safe and private.

The PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) is a global forum that brings together payments industry stakeholders to develop and drive the adoption of data security standards and resources for safe payments worldwide.

Are there any other reasons why HomeGauge is entering credit card processing?

Yes. The new solution makes it much faster and simpler for Inspectors to get set up with card processing. With HomeGauge Payments, Inspectors only need to fill out an online form, which typically takes 10-20 minutes. They are then recommended to run a test transaction, after which they can start processing real transactions for their customers, often on the same day.

We have carefully priced our services at a level that will save our Inspectors card processing fees in most cases. We have also conducted an analysis of card processing statements from over 30 Inspectors to date and found that our rates are lower than the rates most of our Inspectors pay today.

How do HomeGauge Payments rates compare to my current rates?

From the card processing statements we have analyzed from over 30 of our Inspectors, we are saving some of them close to $100 per month, and we are thrilled to provide these savings for them! Our goal is to save you money on rates each month by switching as well.

I have negotiated great rates with my bank, and I’m concerned that using HomeGauge Payments will cost me more money.

If your current card processing rates are lower than HomeGauge’s rates, then we will match them, even if it is unprofitable for us to do so. We highly value our relationships with our current Inspectors and will ensure that no Inspector is worse off in fees than they have been paying historically. If you want us to match your rates, please send your three most recent card processing statements to support@homegauge.com.

How do I know that HomeGauge won’t increase its rates in the future, especially now that I can no longer shop around for better rates elsewhere?

HomeGauge is committing not to increase its card processing rates for any existing Inspector for the next 24 months, including any Inspector whose rates we match. We also make a commitment that any future rate increases will be commensurate with the changes in card processing costs, such as interchange rates.

I’m busy, so how long will it take me to get set up with HomeGauge Payments?

Inspectors just need to fill out an online form, which typically takes 10-20 minutes. Once they’re successfully boarded with HomeGauge Payments, they will receive an email letting them know their

account is live with HomeGauge Payments. This email will also have instructions on performing the recommended test payment. This is a vast improvement over the previous onboarding process, which could take weeks and multiple phone calls and emails with HomeGauge, Authorize.net, and your chosen card processor.

Who is HomeGauge’s payments processor?

HomeGauge has partnered with Payrix, an embedded payments company that serves software platforms like ours. Payrix currently uses two processors: FIS and Wells Fargo Merchant Services. Payrix is owned by FIS, a leading technology solutions provider for merchants, banks, and capital markets firms globally. Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, FIS is a member of Standard & Poor’s 500® Index.

Why am I asked to enter my bank account login credentials in the online application form?

There are two options for verifying your bank account in the online application process. The first option is to upload a picture of a voided check. The second option is to use a bank account verification service company. This platform asks you to enter your bank account login credentials in a secure environment, and none of that data is ever shared with either Payrix or HomeGauge.

I currently have an integration between Authorize.net and another software application such as QuickBooks Online. Will these integrations be supported by HomeGauge Payments?

We are aware of several Inspectors that have integrations between Authorize.net and QuickBooks Online, and we are looking into options to support them, including possible integrations between Payrix and QuickBooks Online. We appreciate your patience as we develop this. Please contact support@homegauge.com if you have integrations between Authorize.net and any other systems that you would like us to be aware of.

What improvements can I expect to see in HomeGauge Payments in the coming months and years?

We are looking into new features such as the possibility of collecting payment via ACH rather than payment card to reduce processing costs, the option to charge a credit card fee to your customers, enabling recurring payments, better support for multi-Inspectors, and improved financial reporting in the inspector dashboard.

Why did HomeGauge divert resources away from other areas of development to focus on HomeGauge Payments?

By leveraging many of the capabilities and investments of our technology partner, Payrix, we were able to provide this significant enhancement to our payments offering without an undue amount of effort from our own Product and Engineering teams.


As always, if you have additional questions, you can visit our Community Forum, HomeGauge Community Facebook Group or start a live chat with our Support Team in our Support Center during business hours.

— Your Team @ HomeGauge

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