May 2021 Product Update


Welcome to the May 2021 Product update. For those who don’t know me, I’m Mike Rogers, and I run the Product Development team here at HomeGauge.

To make our updates easier to digest, we’re now providing short videos highlighting the latest updates from our product and engineering teams!

Let’s get straight into it with the highlights.

HomeGauge ONE

HomeGauge One is the name for all our products and services. Many exciting new products and services are on the horizon as part of this effort. Stay tuned for more!


A new configuration is available. We’ve added the ability to hide pricing when scheduling. This was a customer-requested feature, which we’re glad we were able to incorporate. Next, we’ll be updating the way requested appointments appear in the inspector dashboard and making it easier to create a report directly from an appointment in the Web Writer.

Web Writer

It’s official: the Web Writer is a very fast and efficient solution for creating reports.  In benchmarks, we have seen the Web Writer create reports with approximately 40% less clicks and in 50% less time. As a subscriber, you get access already as part of your subscription. We’re working hard on a next-generation Mobile app and will have that available this summer.

We also now have the Comment and Disclaimer Library available for all users. You can centrally manage all of your comments and disclaimers in one place.

Desktop Writer Companion App

Camera improvements have been made in Beta! As announced at HG Together, we now have a private beta for the Companion app that incorporates the camera app. We’ll post instructions on enrolling on the community forum and will contact all of our beta testers shortly.

That’s it for this installment. As always, watch our Resource Center, Learning Center, and Community Forum for the latest from our teams!

Mike Rogers

Vice President of Product Development, HomeGauge

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