The HomeGauge Trusted Inspector Program

A new way to grow your business

We believe in using our resources to help our Inspectors grow and profit. We’ve created this program because we saw an opportunity to share our profits with eligible Inspectors to help generate additional business revenue and provide legitimate added value for Home Buyers.

Trusted Partner

Here’s how it works

If you are eligible to become a Trusted Inspector, your Home Buyers will be given the opportunity to opt-in to receive home-related deals, including a smart home security system. In return, you will get paid for your Buyers who find interest and purchase those deals. Everybody wins!

For now, we’re offering the giveback on home security only, but look out for new giveback offers coming soon for other things your new Home Buyers need, like homeowners insurance!

It’s simple to get started:

Step 1: If you’re eligible, become a Trusted Inspector. Here’s how.

Step 2: A popup will be enabled in the Buyer dashboard with the offer(s) for each of your Buyers.

Step 3: Your Buyers can accept or decline to be contacted about the offer(s) provided to them. See the Buyer opt-in experience.

Step 4: For every security offer that results in a purchase, you’ll get $250 after installation. Learn how you get paid.

The perks of being a Trusted Inspector

  • Make your car payment (and more) with your earnings:
    • With an unlimited cap, you could earn $250 for each home security system installed, just for offering deals to Home Buyers who purchase them. We’ll announce other giveback opportunities as the program grows.
  • Stand out from local competition:
    • Many inspection businesses are not adding value for their Home Buyers outside of the inspection. Your value increases by offering these deals at the right time for Buyers.
  • Control what the program does for you:
    • As the program grows, we’ll provide advanced features so you can control what is shown to your Home Buyers and see how many are interested in our offers.
  • Get more referrals:
    • Your happy Buyers’ purchase will not only get you paid but will also get you referrals! Providing them the right value at the right time will give them every reason to remember and recommend you to their friends.

The perks for Buyers who use Trusted Inspectors

The perks of being a Trusted Inspector for your Buyers expand past the products themselves. You’re saving them time, confusion, and stress.

Here are some examples of how you could provide benefits to Buyers as the program grows:

  • With a home security offer, you could connect them with a home security expert who can walk them through the benefits of a new home security system for their new home.
  • With a homeowners insurance offer, you could help them avoid the excruciating and time-consuming search for home insurance quotes.
  • Sometimes, an offer might save the Home Buyer up to 20% on their annual home insurance premium if they purchase a homeowners insurance + security bundle!

Here are the deals Trusted Inspectors can offer Home Buyers

Currently, we are working with Home Insurance and Home Security providers, with more to come. It’s our commitment to provide your Buyers with a high-quality experience, and we go through an extensive vetting process to ensure these providers will honor that commitment.

Here are the offers and providers we support today:

  • Home Security
    • Offer: Save money with a home security and insurance bundle
    • Example opt-in message: Save up to 20% on your annual home insurance premium with an approved home security system. Click here to find out more.
    • If a Buyer consents, They’ll be contacted 3 days – 1 week after consenting.
    • If a Buyer doesn’t consent, They will not be contacted.
    • Our Home Security providers include Brinks Home Security, Vivint, Secure24/ADT, and ONIT.
    • Is Inspector giveback currently included?: Yes. $250 for each installation (uncapped)
  • Homeowners Insurance
    • Offer: No obligation homeowners insurance quote
    • Example opt-in message: Get a no-obligation home insurance quote on your new home.
    • If a Buyer consents, They’ll be contacted 24-72 hours after consenting.
    • If a Buyer doesn’t consent, They will not be contacted.
    • Our Homeowners Insurance providers include American Family Insurance, Connect by American Family Insurance, Kin Insurance, Berkshire Hathaway, Hippo Insurance, HomeSite Insurance, Travelers Insurance, and Ardent Insurance.
    • Is Inspector giveback currently included? Not yet.

What happens next?

We know we’re only scratching the surface of the value that could be provided to a Home Buyer through this program. As we screen and introduce additional offers and providers, these benefits will be expanded to our Trusted Inspectors first!

For now, you can request a call with our team. We’ll contact you with more information and next steps if you meet eligibility requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the eligibility requirements to become a Trusted Inspector?

To qualify for the HomeGauge Trusted Inspector program, your inspection business must meet the following criteria:

  • Upload more than 40 reports per month
  • Have more than 70% of their reports viewed via the Home Buyer dashboard
  • Not currently enrolled in the Secure24 legacy program
  • Not leveraging other platforms for uploading reports (such as ISN). We can help you switch to HomeGauge solutions to save money AND become eligible for profit sharing.

If I’m eligible, how can I become a Trusted Inspector?

While the program is still in its early stages, we ask that you request a call with our team. We’ll contact you with more information and next steps if you meet eligibility requirements.

How do I get paid as a Trusted Inspector?

Once you’re confirmed to be eligible for the program, we provide you with an agreement:

  • Sign the agreement.
  • Once we receive the signed agreement, you will receive a link to register at
  • After registering at, you’ll securely enter your bank information there.
  • We’ll then provide you with a W-9 form to fill out for tax purposes.
  • We typically collect reports for new Security system installations at the end of each month.
  • We then associate those installations back to the Trusted Inspectors who offered them.
  • We total up the installation payments from your Home Buyers and submit payment right into your bank account through

Can I track how many people are seeing or taking our offers?

Yes! We will provide a dashboard showing how many and which home buyers qualified and opted in for the security offer.

What if my Home Buyer doesn’t opt into any offers?

We will respect the decision of your customers who choose not to opt in, and they will not be contacted about the deals. For home security, you are only compensated for Buyers who opt in AND complete the system installation.

How do I get more information?

Please contact us if you have any further questions or would like to see if you qualify for our exciting and evolving Trusted Inspector program.

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