HomeGauge Buyer Dashboard Rollout Update

We’re on target to complete the rollout of our new buyer dashboard to all users by the end of the year. Look out for an email informing you when the change is coming your way. No additional work is required by the inspector to enjoy the following benefits:

Updated Design

  • Our updated user interface gives the user a clear view of what steps they need to complete before they can view their home inspection report.
  • We’ve worked hard to ensure that our new modern design is still intuitive for your existing users and we’re available to support you through the transition.
View, Share Reports Quickly And Easily
  • Buyers can view and share reports quickly without support from your office
Create A CRL
  • The buyer can use your home inspection photographs and notations to request credits or repairs
Sign Your Agreements
  • Upon signing in the user is notified what step they need to complete next. If you require a signature or payment before the home inspection report can be viewed then your users will need to complete those steps before proceeding.
Audit Trail
  • All documents are securely stored in the cloud with status or the last action date available.

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