New NPMA-33 Forms Now Available For Pre-Order

For 2020, NPMA has updated their form 33, and it is a requirement that Inspectors using this form use the new updated version as of January 1st, 2020. To make this as simple as possible for our community, we have obtained an official distributors license on your behalf.

The 2020 edition of the NPMA-33 form is now available from HomeGauge.

If you have not purchased this form previously, you can obtain a license for $199 the first year, and $49 per year after.

If you have previously purchased this form, you can update your license, or add an additional seat, for $49 per year.

Included within the HomeGauge package are:

  • Unlimited NPMA-33, 99A, and 99B forms
  • Unlimited form storage
  • Integration with HomeGauge software allowing for auto-completion with details from the Home Inspection Report

We have been informed by the publisher that any use of a form from an unofficial source may be infringing on NPMA copyright. A full list of authorized vendors is available here.

The new NPMA-33 forms are now available for pre-order from the HomeGauge store here.

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