Product Bulletin Feb 17th 2020

SUMMARY: Anyone with a perpetual license and a Services subscription will receive future updates and upgrades of the desktop writer and future web-based versions as agreed to at the time of purchase.



Yesterday, we made an announcement that our pricing will be changing. Several questions were raised by some of our most loyal customers, those who had purchased perpetual licenses and had subscribed to our Services option.

When making that purchase and when paying their monthly subscription fees, those customers had an expectation that they would be able to receive both updates and upgrades to our HG software.

For the purpose of clarity, updates are best thought of as new releases to the same software and upgrades being major changes or entirely new products.

A good example of how other companies do this would be Microsoft. If you purchased the boxed version of MS Word, you would expect to get all updates for MS Word in the future. However, when they moved from standalone software to their cloud version, Office 365, they considered that an upgrade to a different product and charged a new fee.

We don’t quite see the world that way. We have always appreciated our loyal, lifetime customers. As was previously communicated to the ones who have been paying for Services, too, they will continue to receive our updates and upgrades.



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