Re-Selling a HomeGauge License: Frequently Asked Questions

HG License resall FAQs

I purchased a “perpetual” license for HomeGauge software and am now retiring/switching to a different software. Can I sell my license to someone else?

Per our Terms of Use, an individual who purchased or purchases HomeGauge cannot sell, license, or redistribute HomeGauge without our express permission. For this reason, you may not sell your license to someone outside of your company.

A third party is selling a HomeGauge license. Can I purchase and use it?

HomeGauge does not permit, condone, or assist with transferring licenses between companies, per our Terms of Use. If you are being solicited regarding purchasing a HomeGauge license, contact HomeGauge Support before making a purchase to ensure that the sale originates from an authorized reseller.

Who counts as an authorized reseller?

HomeGauge Support keeps an updated list of authorized resellers and will be able to assist you if you have questions about whether the sale of a license from a particular reseller is authorized or not.

I saw a Facebook post listing a HomeGauge license for sale. Is this legal?

In most cases, the licenses you may have seen posted for sale by individuals on Facebook cannot legally be transferred from their owner to a party outside their company.

I am a company owner who owns “perpetual” licenses. In the past, I have been allowed to transfer these from one employee to another. Is HomeGauge no longer permitting this practice?

No. The transfer of licenses within a company is still permitted.

Is it legal for HomeGauge to prevent the transfer of licenses in this way?

We enter into an agreement with the user when they purchase our software under the terms of the EULA (End User License Agreement) and the Terms of Use. Our End User License Agreement stipulates that licenses are not transferable.

Someone sold me a license, and now it’s useless. What do I do?

We are very sorry that you experienced this. We only recognize licenses purchased from HomeGauge or an authorized reseller. We recommend you take this matter up with the person who sold you the license.

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