June 2021 Product Update

Thank you for catching up with us and our June Product Update, brought to you by our Head of Product, Mike Rogers.

We have a lot to announce since our last check — here’s what we’ll be covering:

  • Companion updates and the continued Beta testing
    • Camera improvements in Beta
    • Flashlight and Zoom features are being added
  • The much anticipated Web Writer App for offline support
    • Beta testing starts next month
  • The latest iteration of the TREC report
    • TX print formats on the way in Web Writer
  • Updates to make it easier to contact support
    • Contact support with one click
  • Migration to HomeGauge from HomeHubZone
    • Our Support Team is on hand to assist all users with migration questions and training
  • A new E&O/GL insurance offering
    • Errors and Omissions insurance is back, and it’s better than ever

Let’s jump right in!

Companion Beta app

As discussed previously, we have a private beta underway for the Companion that incorporates a camera app. This update eliminates the need for you to hit confirm after each photograph. Early feedback has been positive however, there have been requests for additional features, such as a zoom and the ability to turn on the flashlight. We’ll incorporate these changes and complete one last round of testing before making the app available to everyone.

This is exactly why we run these beta tests. It allows us to get real-time feedback from folks in the field while maintaining the reliability of our main app that you trust and rely on daily. If you’d like to be a part of the next round of testing, we still have some open spots. Just reach out to productfeedback@homeguage.com, and we’ll get you signed up.

Web Writer App

With the launch of Web Writer Beta earlier this year, we said that you’d get a mobile app this summer that allows you to work offline. As promised, we’re in final testing of our first version and will be recruiting early testers on iOS in July. I’ll be talking more about the full rollout, but the goal is to put the Web Writer App in everyone’s hands this summer. That’s iOS and Android, all with the same experience, all the same features, all the same synchronization, in an app…. Complete with offline support.

Web Writer Mobile
Web Writer Mobile

If you want to be in the first wave of folks to test out our next generation of mobile apps we’d love to hear from you. Just email us at productfeedback@homegauge.com. As I said before, the first wave will focus on iOS, followed by a release on Android. There won’t be any functional differences between the versions so whatever platform you prefer should be fine.

Texas Templates: I’ve been talking for a few months now about our support for states with specific report and template requirements. First on the list is Texas. We’ve been working with the folks at TREC on ensuring that we incorporate the latest approved template. We’re at the point now where we want to bring in some TX inspectors and try this out in the field.

Web Writer Tablet
Web Writer Tablet
Web Writer Tablet

We’ve designed this to follow the same workflow you follow. You’ll have the opportunity to send out the report in both the official TREC format AND your own preferred print template without having to repeat any of the work. We think this will be very useful for folks who like to include lots of multimedia and videos in their reports.

Chat Support

Next up, we’re making it easier and quicker for you to interact with our incredible support team. We know that not everyone wants or can pick up the phone when they have a question. That’s why we’ve enabled a chat widget directly within the inspector dashboard. You can be connected with a support agent at the tap of a finger. You can type a question and get a tailored assistance or even browse our extensive knowledgebase directly from within the widget. It’s run by humans and is the very same team that you’re used to speaking with on the phone and via email.

Chat Widget

We’ll roll out the chat widget across all apps and platforms this summer.

HomeHubZone Migration

For those who don’t know, HomeGauge acquired a software inspection company almost three years ago. While there were some issues with the business model, we saw a loyal customer base and great technology. We’ve been working hard over the last few years to bring the best of HHZ over to HomeGauge and a wider audience. Transitions are tough, and we’ve kept the HHZ application running for as long as possible to allow users to transition to HomeGauge. The last official day of HomeHubZone as a product was June 16th, 2021.


As always, you can reach me at productfeedback@homegauge.com for any great ideas or feedback.

‘Till then —

Mike Rogers

Mike Rogers

Vice President of Product Development, HomeGauge

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