March 2021 Product Update


Welcome to the March Product update. Quick introductions out of the way. For those of you that don’t know me, I’m Mike Rogers and I run the Product Development team over at HomeGauge.

We’re trying something a little new this month. In order to make our updates easier to digest we’re experimenting with short videos highlighting the latest from the product and engineering teams at HomeGauge.

Let’s get straight into it with the highlights from the year to date.

Key highlights

Web Writer

Web Writer launch is underway. We have several thousand users on the platform and will expand it to the entire HomeGauge userbase by the end of the month.

We’ve addressed numerous bugs, and are actively watching our HomeGauge forums for feedback. You can see our Web Writer roadmap.


The next feature drop will be in the next couple of weeks. We’re launching a comment and disclaimer library, allowing you to manage all your comments in one location. The next step is to allow comment migration from our desktop writer. I’ll contact early testers once our first iteration is up and running.

Comments library

We’d also like to recruit mobile app testers for our ongoing mobile projects. I’ll be pulling users from our existing Beta list, but if you’re interested in helping out with our new mobile app, please get in touch with


  • This quarter, we made it easier to configure ScheduleNow with a single click. Timeslots are configured by default.
  • This is a reminder that ScheduleNow includes both a scheduling and a requesting feature. If you don’t want to hand over your calendar to a realtor, you can still accept appointment requests, which you must confirm. Don’t waste your time on spam requests coming through your inquiry forms.
  • We are listening to users regarding timeslots. We’re working on implementing a more flexible approach to timeslots.

Updates for Companion

  • We noticed some Samsung users experiencing issues with a companion. We have some suggested fixes on the knowledge base.
  • The latest iOS updates were released at the end of Feb. More stability and reliability work, along with a few customer-requested enhancements, are in the works.
  • Android companion — We have listened to the users and understand the pain points regarding the recent Google updates. We’re actively investigating the integration of a camera directly into the app. Watch out for Beta updates in April.

That’s it!

Supporting materials are listed below:

Web Writer roadmap and announcements

Knowledgebase articles for Samsung Galaxy issues on companion

HomeGauge Support Center

HomeGauge Community Forum

Submit a support request

Feedback to the product team or to volunteer for Beta testing:

Mike Rogers

Vice President of Product Development, HomeGauge

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