New HomeGauge Advisory Council Holds First Meeting

HomeGauge Advisory Council Zoom Meeting

On September 15th, 2021, an initiative sponsored by the HomeGauge Community Team came to fruition when the newly formed HomeGauge Advisory Council held its first meeting. 

At HomeGauge, we look to our customers as industry experts and rely on their expertise to improve our products, programs, and services. The HomeGauge Advisory Council serves to unite our inspectors with HomeGauge for these purposes. 

HomeGauge staff members from the Sales & Support and Web Services teams nominated current HomeGauge inspectors for membership, with the ultimate selection of Council members determined by the Community Team. Many factors were taken into account as a part of the process of assembling a diverse group of inspectors, including company size and location.  

During the 2021 Q3 Advisory Council meeting, members convened with the HomeGauge Product Team to discuss the inspection industry’s present and future HomeGauge products and how we might best serve our customers. Topics covered included the current roadmap for HomeGauge ONE, the HomeGauge + InterNACHI promotion, the inspectors’ workflow, and Home Buyer Value. 

Feedback and fresh ideas flowed freely throughout the session. Council members offered their opinions, experiences, and advice, and the HomeGauge Product team came away from the meeting with many actionable items. All parties look forward to continued collaboration.

The HomeGauge Advisory Council will meet every quarter and will, in addition, communicate via a dedicated Forum to continue discussion throughout the year.

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