Web Writer Masterclass Has Launched!

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Get to know your new favorite report writer using our bitesize video modules.

When you visit our Support Center, you’ll be able to find our newest video series, the Web Writer Masterclass. These videos were created to get you working with the HomeGauge Web Writer platform as fast as possible, so you can go about your business with no fuss.

Our current masterclass video offering includes a general overview of the platform, how to create a report, adding content, and publishing a report. The course is intended to help you before you perform a home inspection, and you can watch each video in sequential order, or jump to the sections that interested you the most.

If you don’t yet have access to the Web Writer, the final waves of full access are coming soon, so stay tuned, and we will be reaching out! We’ll also be creating more videos for the Web Writer Masterclass series, so keep an eye out for new updates.

In the meantime, check out the Web Writer Masterclass videos.

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