Web Writer mobile app now available on iOS for all HomeGauge Inspectors!

HomeGauge Web Writer iOS App

Now, you can get the HomeGauge web-based report writer for your mobile device. Use the app in the field to complete reports from start to finish with the Web Writer, including features to:

  • Work on your reports offline
  • Use your comment library on the go
  • Take and edit photos from your device

To access the HomeGauge mobile app, you’ll need a HomeGauge account and subscription. If you’re an Inspector and don’t already have a HomeGauge subscription, learn more about HomeGauge ONE.

The current version of the iOS mobile app allows you to sync to a report you’ve started in your browser or desktop device via the dashboard. You can then write and edit the report in the mobile app on-site before hopping back to the browser/desktop to publish/send the report.

Previewing the report or changing the inspection time, address, and property condition must also be completed in the browser/desktop version. This functionality will continue to be streamlined in further versions.

We’re also taking sign-ups for the Web Writer Android mobile app beta program! You’re on the list if you’re already signed up for the beta program. If you haven’t signed up yet, visit our open betas page.

Do you want to provide feedback and take part in the conversation? Visit the Community Forum topic.

Looking to go straight to the app store and download the app now? Get the app in the iOS app store.

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