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April 2019

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PDF forms go mobile!

Do you need to complete NPMA-33, Florida Wind Mitigation, Citizens 4-Point, your state's WDIR, or other special PDF forms? You can now fill out your PDF forms on-site with the updated HomeGauge Companion for Android!

Starting today you can download your favorite PDF forms directly onto your HG Companion for Android! Use the HG Companion for data entry to ensure you've captured everything you need during the inspection before you leave the property. No more duplicate entry or worrying about missing a field on a form. For those forms that require it, you can also get a signature from your customer right on your mobile device. What does this all mean? It means increasing your efficiency, reducing your liability, and working less at home.

How do I get started?

It's likely that your HG Companion software will update on its own on your Android device, as long as you have automatic updates turned on (most people do). If it doesn't update, you can visit the Google Play Store and download the latest version by searching for HomeGauge. Android 7.0 or later is required for this update. Note that Google rolls out updates in a staggered manner, so your update may take a day to happen. You will also need to update your desktop HomeGauge Software to the latest version ( You can do that by going to the menu in the software Help > Check for Updates.

I've updated my software, now what?

It's important to note that the forms themselves have also been updated to support this new feature. The first thing to do will be to get the updated forms on your desktop software and then copied over to your HG Companion. Some of the updated forms will already be available to you after you update the desktop software, including forms for Florida Wind Mitigation, Citizens 4-Point, and several others (see the FAQ for a full list). For links to download other updated forms, send an email to support@homegauge.com. Please allow some time for us to process as we will have a lot of requests for these. Once you have the form(s) you need on your desktop software, go to the menu HG Services > Upload Cloud Templates & Settings, select your template(s) to transfer and click OK — your PDF forms will all be transferred at the same time along with your template(s). Once that is complete, from your HG Companion for Android go to the menu HG Services > Get Templates and Settings From Cloud. Now you're ready to go!

How do I fill out a form on my HG Companion?

Go to the Misc section on your report, select the Forms tab, then press the menu and choose Add Form. From there you can enter in the data for the form. After you've finished with your inspection report and forms, you can move your report back to your desktop HomeGauge Software for delivery.

That was a nice overview, do you have more detailed instructions with pictures?

Yes, we sure do. Go to the link below to get more detailed instructions on how to use forms on the HG Companion for Android. You can also read the FAQ for information on what forms are available and to get additional release notes for this update.

How to use forms on the HG Companion for Android

HG Companion for Android PDF Forms FAQ and Release Notes

I have an iPhone. Can I edit forms on it with the HG Companion?

Not yet. We expect our iOS client to support this feature after the next major release of HomeGauge Software.

Need help? Submit a ticket on our Support Center.

HomeGauge Training

HomeGauge 3-day training class

June 19th is not only World Sauntering Day, it's also the first day of HomeGauge's next 3-day training class. Our June training will focus on organization and efficiency, but in a casual environment. It's time to start working smarter, not harder, and our training team can help!

This class is being held June 19-21, 2019 in Asheville, NC. Cost for the class is $300 for the first attendee, $200 for each additional (multi-inspector firms only). Be sure to reserve your spot today — (828) 254-2030, Option 1. We can't wait to see you there!

More information

Come see HomeGauge staff in person!

InterNACHI's Free Inspector Fair

Don't miss this one — it's gonna be a great home inspection conference and we hope to see you there!

InterNACHI's Free Inspector Fair (Boulder, CO)
June 12-13, 2019

Read all about it!

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