HomeGauge News Alert October 2017

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Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat

It's Halloween and that usually means Trick or Treat, right? The big trick in the industry these days is the question: Is Your Data Safe? Now that's a trick that HomeGauge wants to turn into a treat. So we say Happy Halloween to all of our inspectors — all of your data on HomeGauge is safe! Your data will never be shared by HomeGauge unless you specifically choose to opt-in to a program that you feel is a benefit to your customers. Also, you will never be automatically opted-in to a service that shares your data. We want you to know that we take this topic seriously and that you will never have to wonder if your data is safe at HomeGauge. It's my promise.

Now let's get on with some more treats!

The HomeGauge Appointment Manager

HomeGauge's Online Appointment Manager Moves Ahead

Our online Appointment Manager just climbed the first of three major summits. Now the inspector has the option to publicly display their services! This means that buyers or agents requesting an appointment online can select the services they want and get a total price. This was a huge milestone on our way to fully automated public appointment scheduling. Many of you are already using our online Appointment Manager and are complimenting us on how easy the interface is to use. Agents using the current online public appointment request feature have complimented us as well. Coming up next is a call center integration (or two) and following that we can build the public scheduling to include a specific available time slot.

Check out our post on Facebook for screenshots and instructions — and please like our Facebook page while you're there.

But wait, there's more! More developers that is.

I told you in the last News Alert that I have doubled down on developing the new Appointment Manager and it is showing already. I now have three developers working on it, so I am going to climb the other two summits at a fast pace. Those of you wanting to save hundreds of dollars a year (or each month) should keep an eye on our Appointment Manager. And the best part? One monthly HG Services fee gets it all. Ain't nuthin' scary about that.

The New HomeGauge Support Center

Still Have More Room for Treats?

How about a brand new online Support Center?

Released this month is our new and improved online Support Center. We've been working hard to create better online guides and FAQs to help you get your job done. This big update includes much better category organization, consolidated and improved articles, a better search experience, and support tickets. A special thanks goes out to our staff members James and David who made it all possible.

HomeGauge Support Center

How about some CRL™ improvements?

Now your customers and agents can create multiple request lists from the same report using HomeGauge's Create Request List™ (CRL) feature! Sometimes your customers and agents want to create different request lists for different purposes. For example, they could create a request list for negotiations and maybe a separate list to send to a contractor for a specific repair. They can make as many lists as they need for whatever reason. We display who made what list when, and track who made each edit — this keeps the ghosts and ghoulies out. Keep an eye out on HomeGauge's CRL™ as even more features are on the way!

Create Request List™ Demo

Is your website scaring your customers away?

Now is a great time to treat yourself to a new, custom made website. HomeGauge's website team builds great websites that make a great impression. Our websites include custom content and design, a free SSL certificate to keep your website secure, and much more. Take a look at our sample websites to see what we can do for you.

Sample Websites

HomeGauge Training

HomeGauge Training

Our light is on, so ring our doorbell and sign up for a free webinar. Check out our upcoming schedule and sign up today! You can also view previously recorded webinars at the link below.

HomeGauge Webinars

Alternately, if you want more intensive in-person training, you can attend our next 3-day class in Asheville, NC on December 13-15, 2017. This is a paid class, but you will quickly recover the small fee by saving time writing your reports.

HomeGauge Training Info

Come see HomeGauge staff in person!

Upcoming Home Inspection Conferences

Don't be scared to come see us!

WAHI 2017 Fall Conference
November 3-4, 2017
Conference Details

FABI 2017 Winter Conference
December 8-9, 2017
Conference Details

InspectionWorld Orlando 2018
January 21-24, 2018
Conference Details

CREIA 2018 Annual Conference
April 26-29, 2018
Conference Details

Report Authority

Report Authority Keeps HomeGauge Inspectors Inspecting!

Report Authority offers a variety of services to HomeGauge users: remote training, template/report evaluations and even marketing videos. But did you know they offer after hours support, too? If you have a problem on a weekend or even a holiday, Report Authority can help! Please see their website for rates.

Report Authority

Report Authority is an independent provider of HomeGauge support services.

Until next time,
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HomeGauge President
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