HomeGauge News Alert June 2011

Customers now login at profile page! | July Special

We now send your buyers and real estate pros to your profile page to pick up their reports!

Now, when you send out your report notification email, the buyer and agent will arrive at your profile page! This means that you MUST update your profile page right now! Did I say right now? Yes! Add your picture, add a logo, and update your company info so you look professional! This gives you more exposure, more branding, and more personalized service! Your profile page can display your website and can help promote brand recognition. If you don't have a website, your profile page at HomeGauge.com becomes even more important for your customers at their sign in. So please sign in at HomeGauge.com, click on the "Account" tab, then on "My Company Info" at your Dashboard. Update your profile picture, your logo, and your company information! (Note: Inspectors who have changed their email notifications so buyers are already coming to their website to pick up their report -- this update will not affect you.)

Does your profile page look like this one below? If so, change it now!

Below is an example of a nicely done profile page! If any of you have difficulty in updating your profile page, call us today! 828-254-2030

Even more exciting news from HomeGauge!

Need more forms? HUD forms, pest forms, custom forms, government mandated forms? Visit our store or call us at 828-254-2030 for a free quote to convert your forms today.

Our Home Page was redesigned once again to respond to the HG inspectors who wanted more emphasis on booking an inspection! Please look again and tell us what you think:


New sample contract agreements for wind mitigation and 4 point inspections: Location: After you update your HG software, you will find them in your software under "Office - Edit Report Docs". These are samples, but should give you an idea on how to customize one to your needs.

One reason why Real Estate Agents love HomeGauge Services (true story)

From time to time we get a call from an agent with a problem. In this case, the buyer's agent called in and said that based upon the home inspection they are withdrawing from the contract. They had a deadline to submit the inspection to the listing agent, which was the night before. The buyer's agent had signed in and forwarded the report to the listing agent on time. Well, as it turns out, the listing agent claimed she did not get the email. The seller, who was soured over the buyer backing out, was keeping the earnest money deposit because he claimed the buyer's agent had failed to send in the inspection report by the deadline (which was not true). The buyer's agent was anxious and nervous and asked me if we had some documentation that showed he did in fact comply. This was a slam dunk because of the feature called "See All Events" at the inspector's uploaded report. The "See All Events" page documents everything that happens to the report. It clearly showed the date and time that the buyer's agent forwarded the report to the listing agent with her email address. The buyer's agent was thrilled and said he loved our upload service and he will make it a point to tell everyone in his office how this helped him and his buyer! HomeGauge Services is a marketing tool that not only verifies report delivery, but also helps agents by storing their reports through you!

New Feature just added: Now your buyer or agent can view the uploaded report in html, but save it as a PDF! The best of both worlds!

July Special!

It's the Double Dip Prevention Economic Stimulus Extravaganza Special!

From now until the end of July (or when the Dow reaches 13,000 — whichever comes first) buy HomeGauge Software for 5 easy payments of $185 a month!*

*includes an extended processing fee


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