HomeGauge News Alert May 2011, Part 1

The HomeGauge Network is almost here! | What is The HomeGauge Network?

The HomeGauge Network

Attention all HomeGauge Users!

This announcement precedes the upcoming HG News Alert for May 15th when we will release the long awaited, much anticipated and unprecedented HomeGauge Network!

Since the HomeGauge Network is a huge platform and major website change, we decided to present it to you in pieces and invite you to ask questions on our HG Message Board (login required). Be sure and follow along from now until May 15th so you can get prepared for the release of the HomeGauge Network!

In short, all the many features we have promised are either coming out with the HG Network or had to wait until after the release of the HomeGauge Network. After we release the HomeGauge Network on May 15th, we will be fast and quick to release the following feature enhancements, including:

Professional website development and management using WordPress: Over 27 of you have already heard about it and signed up to have new websites with all the latest innovations and Full Service website management. Coming soon to everyone after the May 15th release.

TRM or Timed Release Messaging: Many of you have wanted a method of marketing to your customers and agents with email templates. HG once again will have the coolest way to maintain consistent contact with your agents and clients. You will be able to create your own template email letters that will be sent based on the time of the uploaded report. Three months after the report has been uploaded, send them this letter, or in 6 months, send them this letter. TRM will allow you to promote other soon to be announced services such as The HomeGauge Annual Inspection Program and the full home warranty "Qualifier" inspection (more details soon). You can control when and who has access to your customers! Coming soon after the May 15th release.

The HG Business Scheduler: Many improvements will be made and have been waiting on the May 15th release of the HomeGauge Network!

Recall Gauge: We have been working on this feature for several months and you will be able to provide this service either free to your customers or for a fee. We will also offer to monitor their appliances for future recall. More info at a later date.

HomeGauge Version 5! David has begun the long awaited upgrade of Version 5 which will take advantage of the new html 5 that enables an interactive inspection report that a pdf simply cannot match. I have always said pdf's suck and with html 5 capabilities you will be able to give your customers an interactive experience with your inspection report.

So what is the HomeGauge Network?

It is a Network of Service Professionals that are "Gauged" by your previous buyers and maintained by you and your company. You pick and choose who will be in your Network. It is also designed to have the buyer not only come to pick up their report, but to stay and keep their report handy for future use. The HG network is designed to give you an opportunity to build a long term relationship with your customer, not just a one-off one shot deal as it is currently. You have 250-400 home buyers that trusted you last year for their most expensive purchase. Want repeat business? Do you think they could use your services again? Want to offer them more? That is what the HomeGauge Network is all about. You are now a "Full Service" company that increases efficiency with your agents and raises the bar on professional tradesmen for your customers. Service Providers want to be in your network, agents need access to service providers, and your customer is moving to the area and doesn't know who to trust. Now when they come to pick up their report they will see the service providers you chose to be in your network! You will have full control of your network of Service Providers.

Below is a sample of the new Buyer's Dashboard, where they can see their report(s), your network of service providers, and more:

Buyer's Dashboard

The HomeGauge Network will redefine the home inspector and the industry! It's new and original. It empowers the home inspector and adds services for your agent and buyer that they can't get from your competitor. We also have some great marketing ideas we will share with you soon that drives customers to use you so they can get real discounts from service providers in your network.

A special offer during our service provider membership drive is that any of your service providers can sign up free for 3 months. They can get 3 more months free, or 6 months total, if you recommend them directly. After which the service providers pay only $200 a year to be in the HG Network.

Start thinking about who you want in your network and I will be in contact soon with another News Alert with even more features.

Watch your email over the next few days for more about the HomeGauge Network!

Until next time,
Russell Buchanan
HomeGauge, President