HomeGauge News Alert May 2013, Part 1

Warranty Payouts!

Our home inspectors love it!

That's $12,000 worth of liability claims out the window! No angry phone calls and no E&O claims for the inspector. They didn't even get a call! The buyers called in and their claims were covered!

Claims such as plumbing for $247 in Shepardsville, KY — and the same buyer made another claim for HVAC for $2579.00 and got it! She then claimed plumbing again for $920.85 and got it! This one buyer collected more than $3700 in claims and the home inspector never heard a complaint. By the way, the home inspection report did not reveal any problems with the plumbing or HVAC, and this inspector has a good track record. Face it folks, things happen, and offering a warranty can get you a peaceful night sleep!

How about in Atlanta, GA where a home inspector offering the warranty slept soundly because we paid $1,260.00 worth of plumbing repairs for his buyer's claim!

In Canton, NC, the home inspector didn't know that 2 months after his inspection the buyer would make a claim on the dishwasher and plumbing! $777.02 PAID!

Out in Aurora, CO, the buyer claimed their water heater leaked and plumbing failed just 2 months after the inspection. $1,551.05 PAID. The home inspector didn't get a call!

Many claims from $53 to $400 were paid out and the inspectors didn't get one call.

The warranty is working! All you have to do is opt in at your Dashboard on HomeGauge.com! Just login, and from the Dashboard click on the Account tab, My Settings, and set your options for Global Home USA — One Year Home Warranty.

Some inspectors are advertising the warranty and passing out a brochure card to every buyer (we mail them to you free)! Remember, even if the buyer doesn't purchase a warranty, an added benefit is that it helps get the point across that the inspection is not a warranty, a warranty is something purchased separately. Call us at 828-254-2030 to request free warranty brochures!

Until next time,
Russell Buchanan
HomeGauge, President